Hi there!

We have finished the KCNC OUTLET section with very special prices for you until stock lasts.


RMG Wheels (under CORDObike name then) was the first distributor in Spain for this brand (2004). We also helped to the improvement and development process of many parts, making it a sad decision to stop distribution on 2008. Components like Ti Pro Lite seatpost work fine thanks to our ideas up to these days.

On this KCNC OUTLET parts section you will find some of the popular components like their stems, handlebars, seatposts or accessories, but you will also probably be surprised by some KCNC stuff didn´t see before just because it is from its early days when they had many BMX parts in their catalog. We purchased all the factory stock for Side Arm cranks and CD Chainrings, so that´s why we still have much of this stuff and you will probably not find them today at any other place.

We co-developed the headset spacers and the chainring bolts in colors with KCNC logo by acquiring a huge amount of them to make them possible. In fact the 12-pieces chainring bolt kit  and the 3-piece Headset Spacer set was specially made for us.

This KCNC OUTLET is a very special chance for you to get high quality KCNC products at a bargain price. We have marked them at prices with 30% or more discount. Don´t let it go!

We are still working on the overseas purchasing platform. So please, if you live outside Spain, and specially out from CE, please don´t hesitate to contact us by e-mail:  info@rmgwheels.com

Kind regards!